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Mason Hills Farm

Mason Hills Farm is a family farm operating in Grand Bay, Alabama, along the Alabama Gulf Coast. Founded in 2020 by Joey Mason, the Mason Hills Farm operation is guided by a few simple principles. We must be good stewards of the land, livestock, and people we serve, and we will manage every detail to ensure we are delivering the highest quality products, from the genetics of the cattle we raise to controlling the meat fabrication process. 

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Our Livestock and Our Pastures

Our beef stock is 100% Angus cattle. We carefully select our cattle using genetic analysis and monitoring. The genetic makeup determines such things as weight, fat, marbling depth, and ultimately the quality, texture, and flavor of the meat. We track and monitor the details to ensure the best product.


In addition to genetics, we manage the environmental factors that affect the herd. We use a combination of grain feeding and pasture foraging to produce the healthiest livestock. Once we’ve reached the appropriate weight, we move to full pasture foraging to strengthen the overall nutritional value of the livestock.


Our cattle graze or forage on over 200 acres of open pastureland. How we care for our pastures is one of our core strengths.  With over two decades of agricultural grass production experience, the Mason Hills Farm team brings unique grass development expertise to the process of nurturing pastureland. Healthy, vital pastures for grazing and foraging are important and essential elements in developing nutrient-rich, flavorful meats.


We bring those same values to our pork products. We are proud to provide consumers with all-natural pork that is free of nitrates, nitrites, hormones, antibiotics, and animal by-products. Absolutely none!

The Mason Hills Farm processing facility is a USDA inspected and passed processing facility. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspects our facility biannually to ensure we are operating safely and meeting regulatory requirements. USDA inspection is another step we take to ensure customers are getting the highest-quality healthy meat product.


Our processing facility is located on the Mason Hills Farm. It’s an 11,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art processing facility, and we manage every aspect of the process. We fabricate or cut every piece of product at our facility where it is boxed and shipped to your front door. 

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USDA-Inspected Beef Processing Facility

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Back to Our Principles

Joey Mason, founder and owner of Mason Hills Farm, was raised in an agricultural farming community in south Alabama. Watching cattlemen and farmers in his community is where he developed his values and where he learned first-hand the importance of stewardship of the land. It is the foundational reason Mason Hills Farm exists today - to be good stewards of the land, the livestock, and the people we serve. 


Mason Hills Farm is guided by the ideals of treating animals humanely, appreciating and caring for the environment, and ensuring people who choose a Mason Hills Farm product get premium quality, healthy, nutritious, and great tasting meat products.

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