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Ribeye Bone In 


12-14 oz 


These flavorful ribeye steaks are excellent for the grill. These steaks taste fantastic when finished with butter, garlic, and thyme but may also be pan-seared. We suggest letting these steaks age for up to 21 days in their original packaging before cooking.


This is a simple way for cooking these steaks.

1. Using a pan on the burner, add some cracked black pepper, heavy-grain salt, and an oil barrier. Turn the heat to high.
2. Just 90 to 2 minutes ought to be sufficient to sear the steaks on each side.
3- Grill the steaks at a temperature of 200-225 degrees on the grill or in the oven. Pull the steaks when the internal temperature reaches 115 degrees using a meat thermometer. Just let steaks rest for five to ten minutes. Slice the meat into thin pieces after seasoning as desired. Dispense and savor!


All beef is USDA Inspected.

*USDA Prime

Shelf life from production is 42 days if not frozen.

145 to 160 F internal temperature using a meat thermometer.

The product can be pre-cut if desired.

Aged 14-21 Days for Tenderness.

Vacuum Sealed

Sold by the LB


*All of our beef is graded on the rail using a beef grading camera and AI. The grade is not yet certified by the USDA.

Ribeye Bone In

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