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With all of the choices in this small box, you are sure to enjoy time with family and friends around the grill this year! Whether you are longing for the taste of bbq ribs or the flame-kissed flavor of a juicy steak or the ease of grilling a few burgers for your family, you will love the custom cuts that come with this box. The premium Alabama beef you’ll get with this package is sure to satisfy!


  • (1) Brisket - avg. 9.62 lbs

  • (4) Ribeye - avg. 0.84 

  • (2) Skirt Steak - avg 1.03

  • Burger 15lbs 

  • (15) 5.33 patties

  • (4)Short Ribs - avg 0.81

Grill Time

    • You will be sent confirmation when your order is received. Please make note of the processing and delivery date provided at that time.

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