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Price is calculated on hanging weight.

Average quarter hanging weight is 152 lbs. @ $7.25 lb. equals $1102.

Processing fee $167.20.

Total estimated final bill is $1,269.20.

The final packed product will weigh approximately 90+lb. 


Grain Finished:

Deposit: $300 - Due at checkout

Final Payment: $7.25 per pound - Due before delivery

Order Total:  Varies based on hanging weight


100% Grass-fed: 

Deposit: $300 - Due at checkout

Final Payment: $7.25 per pound - Due before delivery

Order Total: Varies based on hanging weight


We have two different assorted options for our quarter cow orders.  These options are just a sugestion. If you have a preference on cut selection, let our team know when they contact you to complete your order and take your final payment. 


Back Half Option #1*                      

A standard mix of steaks, roasts, and ground    

3Lb Flank Steak    

6 Packs Stew Meat                         

3 Bone-in Rib Steaks 

3 T-Bone Steaks 5

1 pack Tenderloin Filet (2 per pack)

6 Top Sirloin Steaks

4 lb Short Rib                    

1 x 3-4 lb Sirloin Tip Roast              

1x 3-4lb Top Round Roast        

6lb Cube Steak

4lb Shank Bones

45lb Ground Beef


* We can fabricate this to your specifications. 


Front Half Order Option #2

An abundance of steak

3-4lb Bone in Chuck Roast

6lb Brisket

6 Bone-In Rib Steak

3 T-Bone steaks

4lb Short Ribs

5lb Back Ribs

8lb Cube Steak 

3lb Skirt Steak

5lb Stew

45lb Ground Beef


* We can fabricate this to your specifications. 


Quarter Beef - Deposit

    • A deposit for purchasing beef orders is required at the time of purchase with the remaining balance due before delivery.

    • We'll call you after your deposit is placed to finalize order details.

    • We age our beef 14 days as a standard.
      *If you would like it aged longer or shorter let us know. 

    • You will be sent confirmation when your order is received. Please make note of the processing and delivery date provided at that time.

    • We will deliver the finished product to your door free of charge within 50 miles of Grand Bay, AL one way. 
      *Additional charge of $3.65 per mile over 50 miles will be billed.

    • Shipping is not available at this time.

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