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Buy your family’s all natural beef

from a NAME that you can trust.

Place a Whole Beef order with Mason Hills today!

Not sure what a Whole Beef order really means?

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Harvest/ Processing Form

Select an option

Below can get a little complicated. If you are not sure of something at the top of the page, you will find a cut guide. Choose your cuts. This form is set up starting at the front shoulder and ending at the back.  We will fabricate your cuts IE Ribeye, T-Bone or (Ny Strip/ Filets) if you want roast we will give those to you and either grind, cube or stew the rest. YOu can also write comments on each section.  We will also call you shortly after the form has been submitted. We can make changes on our end. Once submitted you should see a thank you message at the submit button. Thank you for the opportunity.  

Standard Beef Cuts 

Stew Meat
Cube Steak

Front Shoulder: 


Short Loin:

Hind Quater:


Please only click "Submit Order" once and wait for confirmation.

Click here to download

Fee Structure. 

In an attempt to keep all of this simple we only have a few fees. 

$125 Kill Fee 

$1.10LB HCW (Hanging Carcass Weight.) 

All disposal fees and USDA fees are included. 

Boxes$4.50 each we are required to box each order. Notice  Debit or Credit Card (4% is added to all credit card amounts). We will hang your beef for 14 days. If you would like it hung longer a charge of $10 per day will be charged. Remember to check your voicemail & emails for notice your animal is ready for pickup! Customers have 5 days to pick up meat after notification. After that a $2 per box per day charge will apply. If you would like delivery of the finished product please let us know. If you have any questions or need help 251-865-7748. 11652 A North Wheatcroft Rd grand Bay Al 36541. office@masonhillsfarm.comWe will call you to confirm the information above and to establish a harvest date.


  1. A deposit for purchasing beef orders is required at the time of purchase with the remaining balance due before delivery.

  2. We age our beef 14 days as a standard.
    *If you would like it aged longer or shorter let us know. 

  3. You will be sent confirmation when your order is received. Please make note of the processing and delivery date provided at that time.

  4. We will deliver the finished product to you door free of charge within 50 miles. 
    *Additional charge of $3.65 per mile over 50 miles will be billed.

What to Expect:

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