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Order Option #1 - Butcher’s Balance*                      

A standard mix of steaks, roasts, and ground                                      

2 x 3-4lb bone-in Blade roasts   

3 packs Stew meat                         

1 x 3-4lb rolled Brisket roast        

1 x 3-4lb Cross Rib roasts              

1 x 3-4lb Prime Rib roast                

3-4 Bone-in Rib steaks               

3-4 lb Short Rib strips                   

4 T-Bone steaks                               

3 bone-in Striploin steaks           

1 pack Tenderloin Filet (2 per pack)                     

6-8 Top Sirloin steaks                     

1 x 3-4 lb Sirloin Tip roast              

1x 3-4lb Inside Round roast        

1 x 3-4lb Outside Round roast     

3-4lb Meaty Shank Bones              

35-40lb Ground Beef

Order Quarter Beef Option 1 Package

    • We age our beef 14 days as a standard.
      *If you would like it aged longer or shorter let us know. 

    • You will be sent confirmation when your order is received. Please make note of the processing and delivery date provided at that time.

    • We will deliver the finished product to you door free of charge within 50 miles one way. 
      *Additional charge of $3.65 per mile over 50 miles will be billed.

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