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Cattle in Pasture

Mason Hills Wholesale
Fresh Meat Sales and Service

This is where we strive to build partnerships. From the executive chef to the barbecue pit master, we work hard to meet the needs of customers who are managing more than a family meal. Wholesale beef and pork customers need volume orders and more. Wholesalers want support and services from product providers like Mason Hills Farm, and that’s where we shine. The product quality is the same. We focus on delivering premium quality Angus beef and all-natural pork, but we are also tuned-in to the wholesaler’s need for services and client support. Here are some examples of the customers we consider wholesale customers and a few of the support services we provide. Contact us to find out more about our wholesale products and services.


  • Grocery Stores

  • Small Markets

  • Meat Markets

  • Specialty Markets


  • Casual Dining

  • Fine Dining

  • Food Trucks

  • Gourmet and Private Chefs


  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Care Facilities

  • Business and Government Cafes


Portion control has become ever-more important to wholesale beef and pork product customers as they seek to meet client needs for portion size alternatives while maintaining the nutritional value of each cut. Equally important is the need for retailers to manage pricing and the economics of selling and marketing meat and pork products. For Mason Hills Farm, it’s about creating efficiencies. We fabricate all products on site at our USDA Certified Beef Processing Facility, and we work hands-on with our wholesale partners to find the right fit when it comes to fabrication and portion control.


We package and box on site at our Mason Hills processing facility. We can work with you on custom packaging options.


Inventory management is an important challenge for every provider of beef and pork products. From seasonal impacts to changes in consumer tastes, beef and pork product markets are ever changing. Cut dates, dates of purchase, and expiration dates, only make inventory management more critical to sales and profitability. From managing changing product demand to ensuring the product is on the shelf when it’s needed, we understand the challenges of inventory management at Mason Hills Farm. That’s why we are committed to building partnerships with wholesale clients. We want you to view us as a part of your team.


We deliver! Contact us for more information about wholesale delivery services

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