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The Market 

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"We are good stewards of this place, animals, others and ourselves. We have been afforded this opportunity to do so. It is our responsibility to make sure we produce a product that is safe, humane and clean because our families will eat what we produce.

Thank you for visiting. We are now inviting others to join in the process.  
Raising and producing great beef is what we do." 

- J. Mason, Founder

Experience beef done right.
Image by Madie Hamilton

THe Market 

Buy your family's all-natural beef from Mason Hills Farm, a name you can trust.



Enjoy a selection of packages featuring the best of our tenderloins, sirloins, kebabs and more.


Custom Processing

We have the ability to cut beef to order. This is for customers who have their own animal(s) and would like it cut a certain way. We vacuum seal everything. We have ability to process under USDA inspection or custom.


What separates us from everyone else?

  • We notify you when your animal is ready to be harvested. 

  • We have the ability to track the animal throughout the process, this helps ensure that the animal you drop off is the animal you receive back. 

  • We can grade the carcass of the animal. This allows us to provide you with important information about the grade of your product.  

  • We vacuum seal everything.

  • There is so much more. Come experience the difference. 

With Us

We take our beef seriously.

If you manage your cattle herd with integrity and excellence, we want to talk with you about partnering together to deliver only the best to our customers and their families.


Want to know more about Mason Hills beef?

If you are a wholesale customer, please call or email us and we will get you set up. 

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