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Pork Cuts 

At Mason Hills Pork, we are committed to providing our customers with quality pork products that are free from antibiotics and hormones. As a family owned business, we believe in treating our customers like family and providing them with the best possible products. Our pork pieces are a delicious and healthy option that you and your family will love. We invite you to try our pork and taste the difference for yourself.

Whole Hogs 

Introducing our Whole Pigs perfect for your next big BBQ event. These free-range pigs are raised without antibiotics or hormones, ensuring the highest quality meat possible. These pigs are perfect for feeding a large crowd. Our pigs are expertly butchered and prepared for roasting, with the skin on for that crispy crackling everyone loves. Impress your guests with a succulent, juicy and flavorful roast pig from our farm to your table.

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